Picking the Perfect Annuals For Quarts & Hanging Baskets

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  • Large flowers cover the plant
  • Bred to cascade over the sides of their container, they will continue to grow down and make an impressive show of color


  • Controlled habit, selected for basket production
  • Early series with large flowers 
  • Will flower in a 10 hour day 
  • Tested for pH sensitivity                      


  • Unique heart shaped pattern on every bloom
  • Early flowering with a mounded habit
  • Lots of large flowers with a stable pattern


  • Performs well in propagation as well as in the greenhouse
  • Continues to grow in the garden, filling beds and pots with loads of colorful blooms
  • New for 2020 is the show stopping Neon Pink

VANNESA™ Compact

  • New subseries of Vanessa™ with a compact habit
  • Trialed and selected for powdery mildew and cycling of color
  • Available in both solids and bicolor


  • Bred for naturally compact growth habit
  • Blooms early enough for any market
  • Available in 10 colors including the best-selling Cherry Lace
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“Choosing the right varieties for the container can make a grower more profitable immediately,” says Mike Fernandez, market manager, Danziger North America. “That’s why we’re focusing on helping growers understand the best use for each of our varieties. Armed with this information and our research offering specific growing recommendations, it is easier for growers to create quarts that look great at point-of-sale. It really can save growers time and money.”

“No one sets out to create a ho-hum basket,” says Ori Danziger, Deputy CEO at Danziger. “But, we’ve all seen baskets that are just OK, or basket combos that have one variety taking over the others. Picking the right plants can eliminate this problem. Choosing varieties specifically developed for basket performance can also create efficiencies in the growing process.”

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