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Danziger Innovation Fest is here!

Kick off your next season by joining Danziger team at InnovationFest – Get a first look at the 2024 lineup and the latest trends. Facing forward the upcoming season, the green industry must strategize to preserve garden consumers. It is our mission to encourage them to continue buying plants, and be reminded of just how special it is to connect with nature. Danziger works in innovative ways to be tuned with nature by all means – Natural look, greener growing, and marketing concepts – all to help growers share flowers throughout the world.
You are invited to explore it with us.

Take a look at the video below showcasing some of our WOW varieties:

Virtual Meeting

Let’s meet for one-on-one for a virtual tour to explore the new varieties and programs.

Live Display

Come visit Danziger’s R&D headquarters in Israel to get a first look at the new varieties for 2024 and beyond.

Navigating the New Consumer

We are happy to share the combined recording of our two incredibly insightful webinar events.

Information available in multiple languages:

Navigating the New Consumer

Join us for this series of short webinars

In this webinars, we’ll provide ways to connect with everyone throughout the supply chain – right down to the end consumer.
From emerging consumer trends, to creating an enjoyable in-store shopping experience, and sharpen your social media skills, this webinars designed to help you grow your business.  We’ve chosen top experts to not only inspire you but provide you with tools plans to kickstart your sales. Whether you’re a grower, landscape designer, or retailer, it’s vital to market plants to consumers as a necessity, not a luxury!

Our speakers:

Katy Dubow

Garden Media Group

Joe Baer

Zen Genius

Rob Sproule

DIG Marketing

Manuel Rucar


Register and view full agenda in the links below:

Our team is available for you

Virtual and in-person meetings are being scheduled now.
These meetings feature a personalized walk through of all the new varieties, colors, series, and programs.
Your Danziger representative can help you develop a customized growing plan for next season.
Contact us to set up a time to review the new 2024 varieties.

Let's Meet

Schedule a meeting or a virtual tour of our new 2024 introductions.

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