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Our season extenders


Portulaca oleracea

  • Compact – small footprint
  • Early flowering
  • Big Flowers
  • A ball of color
  • Grow small – sell big – perfect for growers


Angelonia angustifolia

  • Good flower coverage
  • Various colors
  • Small foot-print from the growers table to the retail trolley
  • Ideal solution for urban end- consumers, wishing for the flower effect in a small space

SALLYFUN™ Deep Ocean

Salvia farinacea

  • Fast growing rate and early bloomer -3-4 weeks from transplanting
  • Compact plant with upright habit
  • Suitable for 12 cm pots and up, mixed containers and borders
  • Short flowers pedicle
  • Excellent garden performance.

Golden Empire™

Bidens ferulifolia

  • Unique, upright habit
  • Abundance of extra-large, golden flowers
  • Early and continuous flowering
  • Excellent for small and medium pots
  • Beautiful in mixes containers

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