Despite extreme hot temperatures last week in Israel, Danziger’s breeding facility retained its color and vibrancy

It’s not magic, its our genetics – make it work for you today!

“When it comes to understanding how well a variety can tolerate extreme heat and dryness, there’s no substitute for seeing what happens during a really hot spell. That’s exactly what we got the chance to witness last week and the results were very satisfying. It gave us the opportunity to see the progress in developing more heat tolerance varieties in a real-life and real-time situation. Our flowers survived wonderfully, the flowering was amazing, ” said Amir Zuker, R&D Director responsible for perennials, annuals and cut flower breeding and research at Danziger.

3 surprises from this hot spell


Bacopa (Sutera cordata)

  • Early, rich flowering in a wide range of bright colors
  • Well branched
  • Ideal for hanging baskets, windows boxes, and mixed containers
  • Different sizes of flowers according to variety


Nemesia hybrida

  • Good habit
  • Strong and stable stems
  • Abundance of big flowers
  • Large-sized flowers in striking colors
  • Suitable for single crop MIXIS®


Diascia barberae

  • Interspecific cross
  • Big flowers
  • Full flowers all over the stem
  • High resistance in the sun and rain
  • Will become a small bush type

Last week, temperatures in Danziger’s central breeding nursery in Central Israel pushed 40 degrees Celsius on two consecutive days, (43.2 and 42.3 degrees to be precise)

It’s not magic, its our genetics - make it work for you today!

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