Great profitability & great garden performance

The company’s team of more than 100 scientists, researchers and professional breeders are bringing new varieties to market that are dependable, profitable and above all more beautiful.

“We know time and effort are key business concerns for our customers, says Ori Danziger, deputy CEO at Danziger.
We are trying to offer solutions to those problems. That’s why we’re working hard to make growing our varieties easier and more profitable.
Our mission is to develop inspiring plants that deliver high profitability for growers without sacrificing top-notch performance.”

Here are a few examples of Danziger varieties that deliver profitability and performance in every pot.

  • Compact habit
  • Early flowering
  • Will flower in a 10 hour day
  • Large white flowers, Flower size average: 3.5-4 cm (under Israeli winter conditions)
  • Excellent garden performance
  • NEW color to the series
  • An abundance of large bright pink flowers
  • Flower size average: 6 cm (under Israeli winter conditions)
  • Small foot-print – from grower bench to retail cart
  • Ideal solution for urban end- consumers, wishing for flower power in a small space
  • Little to no PGR requirement
  • New sub series with a compact habit
  • Abundance of flowers
  • All Vanessa Verbena are tested and trialed for mildew resistance and bloom cycling
  • Naturally controlled habit
  • Flower size average: 5.5 cm (under Israeli winter conditions)
  • Flowering time 34 days (under Israeli winter conditions)
  • Self cleaning plants
  • Rain resistant

The new VANESSA™ Compact Series brings the same big color of the original VANESSA™ in a smaller package. This series features a compact habit in more than ten color options.

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