Nick Grounds shows how Green Dragon™ is no ordinary leafy-green and no ordinary filler! It will add a beautiful texture, bright green exuberance, and abundant form to every bouquet.

Establishing Gyp flowers as an integral part of every flower arrangement Open up a world of possibilities with GYP

The Gyp is Back

No matter how long ago you search, it seems like the Gyp (Gypsophila, A.K.A “Baby’s-breath”) was always there.

Pure white, small and very natural looking, the Gyp is one of the most “basics” of the cut flowers industry, commonly used to accompany roses or to give the “angelic” look for a white, pasteli bouquet.

In 1997 Danziger, an advanced breeding and production company introduced a game-changing Gyp to the market. Danziger called it “MILLION STARS®”, as the small white flowers resembled little shining stars. For the first time in the global industry, a vegetative breeding of Gypsophila was available, and growers could ensure consistent high-quality production of this variety. This MILLION STARS® swept the market and was quickly adopted by many growers around the world; making is the best-selling Gyp worldwide.

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