It is the responsibility of each brand. From what I see, it is the garden centers in the countryside that seem to evolve the most because they really see the phenomenon but also the concept-stores of the city center. Peri-urban garden centers seem a little slower to seize this trend, especially because they are affected by the intermediate generation who does not change.

Yes of course! This observation can be made at the level of each country and each region. We clearly see regions in each country that are more influential than others. But we should not generalize (city = trendy / countryside = traditional) because with this urban exodus this is no longer true 🙂

The most important is the first which conditions the 4 others: the fact that since 2019 the “classic” generations have been overtaken by the youngest. It is a phenomenon that will be structuring for the market of tomorrow.

There is a gradual change happening: varieties with a more natural “look” ie perhaps less bright colors and more present foliage. This is what we see in rose breeders: more and more roses with a “wild” look and fewer “perfect” roses. Of course it also depends on the country, for example in russia we love very long stems while in the UK they are rather bushy roses with small flowers.

This interest will last! it is a demographic phenomenon and a question of culture. Schools, studies and professions are increasingly taking ecology into account. Climate change is the number one concern almost everywhere in the world. At his level, the consumer wishes to participate by having a greener way of life. The experts are clear, it’s not just a trend, it’s a real state of mind, it suffices to note the major evolutions of international brands: H&M, Primark, Starbucks, … they are all evolving towards consumption. more respectable and the plant very often returns to the heart of the subject. It is very promising for the future!

I think always know your brand ethics, and keep it about the company/product, and have a seperate personal profile- but bear in mind people will associate the 2… so behave 🙂

Pinterest is a very good medium to respond to a project. For example: I want to decorate my window for Christmas, what ideas? While on Instagram it’s everyday, you can’t look for a specific subject (unless you subscribe to a specific page).

He turns away from it a bit but above all protects himself. However, they still spend at least 1 / 2h a day there! Instagram, for example, remains a very good medium, but on condition that you understand what they like about this platform and what they no longer like. Even influencers have to constantly evolve 😉

I also tend to feel that tiktok is the platform for grabbing younger for hort..

Absolutly yes! And we should be happy about that, we should not be afraid of that. If you want to do things, do them. But I see a big difference between “you have to go and grow your cucumbers or your flowers” or you can, if you like. I think with sustainability it is going to be achieved – with those robots, and the sun, and the engineering.

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