SUNSTRONG™ is a large garden plant that produces beautiful blooms throughout the season.

If you’re looking for an Erysimum that flowers throughout the summer SUNSTRONG™ it is

This beautiful bi-color & orange variety flowers without cooling, allowing growers to treat this zone 5-9 perennial as an annual.  It’s sure to be a consumer favorite. SUNSTRONG™ is recommend for gallon/17 cm or larger pots.

Sunstrong Erysimum cover story in GreenProfit

Sunstrong™ Erysimum linifolium- an early flowering perennial that blooms all summer -was the result of Danziger’s breeding goals to develop plants that provide more color, more blooms, and more solutions for growers and consumers. ” We can’t deliver a cold treatment in Israel, so we are selecting varieties that will flower without it,” explains Mike Fernandez, Danziger North American market manager. That’s why the Sunstrong™ series does NOT require vernalization; It delivers flowers in the first year without a cooling period. It finishes faster and is ready earlier for growers. On the retail side, because its an early and long bloomer, Sunstrong™ looks great on the retail shelf for a longer period of time. Sunstrong™ Bicolor Purple features large, lavender blooms, while Sunstrong™ Orange offers tangerine-hued flowers with a delicate, fresh scent. Sunstrong™ also shows exceptional heat tolerance, which can increase a home gardener’s success.

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